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  • So, what is Body Coaching?
    Body Coaching is built upon the following beliefs: No one can be more responsible for caring for your body than you. So, Body Coaching empowers you with tools to relieve areas of tension, enhance balance and improve movement function in the course of your day and life. We need to understand our body's special characteristics and idiosyncrasies in order to work with it in a way that gains us the results we are looking for. This requires guidance and introspection. We need to learn how to execute movements, in the correct way, using the correct muscles, in order to give the body what it needs to restore more movement ease. This requires education and instruction. We need to practice the right movements as taught, consistently so the body can unlearn previous movement behaviors and gain proficiency with new ones. This requires persistence and accountability.
  • What if I'm in pain?
    In the Body Coaching relationship, pain is addressed by engaging in corrective activities that do not exacerbate it. Together we consider structural, as well as emotional or psychological attributes of pain and employ strategies to decrease it while fortifying the system with new movement skills and neuro behavioral methods
  • How do I know if Body Coaching is right for me?
    If there is a gap between how you feel about your body and its mobility, and how you'd like to feel, the Body Coaching is pertinent and can help you identify right actions in keeping with your goals.
  • What is the difference between Personal Training and Body Coaching?
    The scope of practice for a personal trainer involves enhancing components of health and fitness for the general, healthy population, or those cleared for exercise. Generally, they lead their client through exercises. Body Coaching can aid the individual to improve movement function regardless of their current state of health and fitness. The goal of Body Coaching is to educate and empower the client to understand how to engage in movement more safely and functionally. This knowledge is not applied only to exercise, but to daily functioning, or any movement task the individual may be required to perform.
  • Can I engage in Body Coaching if I have a previous injury, or a current injury?
    Body Coaching intends to address previous injuries and undertakes to teach the client and his/her body to execute movements in a way that strengthens and fortifies them against potential re-injury. Body Coaching can also work for you during an injury to combat the loss of strength and function that can accompany recovery from an injury. Increasing injury prevention is a paramount focus.
  • How can I get started?
    Simply go to Body Assessment | Reform Body Coaching where you can schedule your initial Body Assessment. It is from here that we can decide how my services can best support you in progressing toward more body awareness and movement ease.
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