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What is Body Coaching?

Body Coaching allows the individual to be personally coached in their home or office 1:1, to learn the basic principles they will need to understand and address their body's particular needs. Equipped with exercises designed specifically for them, and supplied with supportive tools as necessary, the client is empowered to begin bringing their body into better balance and alignment. 


Virtual group classes are provided, and clients are encouraged to attend as often as possible to support continued progress in building more strength, flexibility and movement ease. 


​Your Body Coaching practice aims to: 

  • improve strength, balance, and flexibility

  • increase the mind/body connection

  • improve posture and core strength

  • increase lung capacity and circulation

  • improve bone health, and

  • improve movement patterns


We also aim to increase your confidence so that you might feel more proficient and safe in carrying out the activities in which you engage for work, daily living, and recreation.

Re-Form Body Coaching also allows us to target better function and injury prevention relative to the activities that you enjoy, for example:

  • Golf - Improve hip mobility, torso rotation and shoulder range of motion to empower your swing, while strengthening your core to prevent back pain and injury.

  • Swimming, tennis, skiing, dancing, running, walking - I challenge you to think of any athletic or movement activity that cannot benefit from better range of motion, and core strength!  Whatever your fancy, we aim to empower you to continue to enjoy it with greater movement ease.


How Body Coaching Works:  Programming

The process begins with the Body Assessment. This allows us to discuss your current challenges and expose you to some foundational concepts that will aid us in establishing good communication for the feedback-loop that our relationship will become.

From here we choose the most appropriate Custom Program with which to begin.  Then your trajectory to better mobility and self-care is on its way.

1:1 sessions serve to assure that you understand what you are working on, and build upon it, as you continue to form good habits of practicing what you are learning and integrating mindful movement concepts into your daily life.

This process continues with the addition of group classes to reinforce good execution of your movements within a community of mindful movers. 

The Individual Session

The individual session is recommended for anyone not in a position to embark on an 8- or 12-week program at the current time. 


The session aims to assess imbalances in the body that may be contributing factors to movement limitations and provide recommendations and strategies to alleviate them. Anyone experiencing discomfort in one or more places in their body can register for a 1:1 Coaching session and will leave the session with instructions for 3-5 assignments to help bring their body into better balance and function. 


The individual session includes a video of the session for practice and review.

"Felicia's instruction and cueing is immersive and acutely detailed. She is dedicated to consistent practice and works with you to stay active regularly. I found that the regularity of sessions, mixed with her spicy teaching style kept me moving and smiling! No matter your level of fitness Felicia can tailor movements that will keep your body fit!"


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